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Panax is an opioid painkiller. An opioid is also known as a narcotic. Panana can be used to alleviate pain of any intensity.

Opana ER, the extended-release form of oxymorphone, is intended for 24-hour pain management rather than as-needed pain relief.

Uses of Opana

If you have severe respiratory or asthmatic symptoms, a stomach or intestine obstruction, or moderate to severe liver disease, you shouldn’t take Opana.

Your breathing may slow down or halt when using oxygenomorphone, and it may become habit-forming. Opana misuse can result in addiction, overdose, or death, particularly in children and other people who use the drug without a prescription.

Opana use during pregnancy may result in the baby experiencing life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

If you combine Opana with alcohol or other medications that make you sleepy or slow your breathing, fatal adverse effects could result.

Exactly as directed by your doctor, take Opana. Read all medication instructions and adhere to the guidelines on your prescription label. Never exceed the recommended dosage or duration of usage of Opana. If you experience a stronger desire to take more of this medication, let your doctor know.

Never give someone else Opana, especially if they have a history of drug use or addiction. ADDICTION, OVERDOSE, OR DEATH CAN RESULT FROM MISUSE. The drug should be kept out of the reach of others. It is illegal to sell or give away opioid medications.

When you start using Opana, stop taking any other 24-hour opioid painkillers.

Opana should be consumed without food at least an hour before or two hours after a meal.

Take your medication every day at the same times.

To prevent exposure to a potentially lethal overdose, swallow the tablet completely. Never break, chew, crush, or dissolve.

Take just one extended-release Opana ER pill at a time. Do not lick or wet the tablet before putting it in your mouth to prevent choking.

Never break or crush an Opana tablet to inject the medication into your veins by mixing it with a beverage or inhaling the powder. Death may result from this.

After using Opana for a while, avoid stopping it abruptly as you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor how to safely stop using Opana.


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