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IUPAC: cianuro de potasio, Cyanure de potassium, Hydrocyanic acid, potassium salt, Kaliumcyanid, Potassiuim cyanide, potassium cyanide, Potassium cyanide (K(CN)), UN 1680, UN 1680, UN3413,

SYNONYMS: Potassium Cyanide

CAS#: 151-50-8

Molecular Mass: 65.116 g/mol

Molecular Formula: KCN or CKN

Form: White Crystalline Powder


In watery course of action, KCN is isolated into hydrated potassium (K+) particles and cyanide (CN−) particles. The typical kind of solid KCN, stable at including pressure and temperature, has a comparable cubic valuable stone development as sodium chloride, with each potassium molecule incorporated by six cyanide particles, as well as the opposite way around. No matter what the cyanide particles being diatomic, and appropriately less symmetric than chloride, they turn so rapidly, their time-showed up at the midpoint of shape is round. At low temperature and high pressure, this free turn is deterred, achieving a less symmetric pearl structure with the cyanide particles coordinated in sheets.


KCN and sodium cyanide (NaCN) are extensively used in normal association for the preparation of nitriles and carboxylic acids, particularly in the von Richter reaction. It moreover finds use for the blend of hydantoins, which can be useful fabricated intermediates, when answered with a carbonyl compound, for instance, an aldehyde or ketone inside seeing ammonium carbonate.

KCN is used as a visual fixer in the wet plate collodion process. The KCN separates silver where it has not been made insoluble by the specialist. This reveals and adjust the image, making it at this point not fragile to light. Present day wet plate picture takers could incline toward less harmful fixers, regularly settling on sodium thiosulfate, but KCN is at this point used. It was broadly elaborate by high situating Nazi specialists to end it all fairly as of late of World War II, for instance, Hermann Göring, who took a compartment the night preceding his execution.

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